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WAN See Wide Area Network.

Web browser An application used to display images in clinical environments. The workstations used are normal PCs with high quality monitors. The application used is similar to the web browser used in the world wide web, for example Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

Wide Area Network (WAN) A computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area and typically consists of more than one LAN. See Local Area Network (LAN).

Windows This is an operating system written by Microsoft™ which runs on the majority of personal computers. This OS comes in a variety of versions (NT, 2000, XP). This allows the user easy access to the computer functions and programs through a series of menus and GUIs or icons. See Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Operating System (OS).

Word A word is a series of bytes, however unlike the byte which is eight bits, the size of the word can vary depending on the computer system.

Working Storage Unit (WSU) A synonym for the online storage device. See Image Storage Unit (ISU) and Online storage.

Worklist The list of patient studies sent from the RIS and displayed at the appropriate acquisition modality.

Workstation In a PACS there are several types of workstations that are used for differing purposes. These workstations are described below:

Reporting workstation A workstation used for viewing images for primary diagnosis and/or production of clinical reports. A reporting workstation will commonly have multiple display monitors, usually 2 or 4 screens, to allow for the simultaneous display of multiple images. These monitors will be of high quality and resolution.

Review workstation A workstation used for checking that acquired images are of the required quality and that all necessary views have been performed, or a workstation used on a ward or in a clinic to view images in conjunction with the associated clinical report. A review workstation will usually have one or two display monitors, which are likely to be of lower display quality than the monitors used in reporting workstations.

QA workstation A workstation dedicated to quality assurance of the PACS, i.e. used by support staff to ensure that the PACS is functioning correctly. The display monitor used for the QA workstation should be of equivalent quality to the monitors used for the reporting workstations.

WSU See Working Storage Unit.