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ODBC See Open Database Connectivity.

Official Journal of the European Community (OJEC) A journal for the advertisement of tenders for public procurement of capitol purchases in member states of the European community.

Offline archive An archive that is not permanently attached to the PACS network. The nearline archive will eventually reach its capacity, at this point the archiving media (CD, DVD or tape) are removed and the data stored physically off the system in the offline archive. Data stored here is only accessible through manual intervention. See Everything Online(EOL), Long Term Archive (LTA), Short Term Storage (STS), Nearline archive and Online storage.

OJEC See Official Journal of the European Community.

Online storage Data that is available for instant access. An example of this is when a patient is an in-patient or has an appointment in the out-patient clinic their folders will be stored or moved to the online storage. See Everything Online (EOL), Long Term Archive (LTA), Short Term Storage (STS), Nearline archive and Offline archive.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) A standard database access method developed by Microsoft™. ODBC should make it possible to access any data from any application regardless which DBMS is handling the data. ODBC manages this by inserting a middle layer between the application and the DBMS. This layer will translate the applications queries into commands the DBMS will understand, however both the application and DBMS must be ODBC compliant.

Open System Interconnection (OSI) A model (ISO/IEC 7498-1:1994) which defines a networking protocol framework and defines all functions for communication between any two machines.

Operating System (OS) The software used to control the computer. There are several different operating systems used, the choice depending on the function and power needed. See NT, UNIX and Windows.

Optical jukebox See Jukebox.

OS See Operating System.

OSI See Open System Interconnection.