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MAC Address This is a unique serial number residing in the firmware of a network interface card that identifies the network card on the network.

Magneto Optical Disk (MOD) A type of disk that combines magnetic disk technologies and CD-ROM technologies. MO disks can be read from and written to and are removable. Their storage capacity is approximately 1.3 GB, (650 MB per side). See Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Linear Tape Open (LTO), Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) and Jukebox.

Managed Services Contract (MSCON) A contract that organises the management, by a third party, of the equipment and services in an IT system.

MB megabyte (1000 000 bytes). See byte.

Mbps See bps.

MDA See Medical Devices Agency.

Medical Devices Agency (MDA) An executive agency of the Department of Health whose function is to evaluate and determine 'fitness for purpose' for all medical devices used in the NHS (http://www.medical-devices.gov.uk).

Middleware In the computer industry, middleware is a general term for any programming that serves to "glue together" or mediate between two separate (and usually pre-existing) programs. A common application of middleware is to allow programs written for access to a particular database to access other databases. Messaging is a common service provided by middleware programs so that different applications can communicate. See Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Mini-PACS If it assumed that a PACS must be as a minimum hospital wide, a mini-PACS can refer to a department based system, such as Radiology, A & E or Orthopaedics, or to a modality based system such as CT and MRI or CR.

MIU See Modality Interface Unit.

MOD See Magneto Optical Disk.

Modality A generic term used to describe an imaging device such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound, DR and CR.

Modality Interface Unit (MIU) All modern imaging modalities will be DICOM compliant. However specific DICOM interpretations may have compatibility problems. A MIU will allow modalities to be interfaced to the PACS where any areas of DICOM conflicts occur. See Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM).

Modem This is an abbreviation for the term modulator-demodulator. A device used to dial-in from a remote computer into any computer system.

MSCON See Managed Services Contract.