PACSnet Storage Calculator

Please note: The results from the table are for guidance only. The default image sizes given below are typical values. Contact the modality vendor for the actual values.

This storage calculator is an approximate value. You need to enter for each of the procedures listed below, the daily number of images and where appropriate their size in MB. Once completed you then need to press the calculate button to calculate the results and the total in MB for the day, week, month and year.

The table below, gives some default image sizes without header data.These are typical figures for uncompressed images and can be changed if necessary.
The calculation used to determine image size is as follows: Image Width * Image Height * Number of bits/pixel (pixel depth)
So, for example, a typical CR chest image has the following: Image width: 1760 pixels Image height: 2140 pixels No. of bits/pixel: 16

The calculation is as follows: 1760 * 2140 * 16 = 60262400 bits.
Assuming 8 bits per byte: 60262400 / 8 = 7532800 bytes.
To change this into KB: 7532800 / 1000 = 7532.8KB.
To change this into MB: 7532.8 / 1000 = 7.5328 MB per image - rounded up this gives us 8MB.

ProcedureNo of ImagesImage Size MBResult (Mb)
Plain Film
Nuclear Medicine


Total in MBWeek Total (MB) Month Total (MB) Year Total (TB)